Delta Dollars

Delta Dollars is our loyalty rewards program designed to let our customers decide what local charities they want us to support.  5% of your purchase can be applied as a credit for a qualifying LOCAL nonprofit. The organization can then use the credit for anything they need- letterhead, invitations, banners, sponsor signs... the list is endless!  Credits accumulate and are good for the entire year.  Ask your favorite charity if they are signed up to receive Delta Dollars and help them save money TODAY!

Here is an example of how Delta Dollars work-  You buy a $100.00 banner and designate the Alabama Kidney Foundation (AKF) as recipient for your Delta Dollars.  Sam buys letterhead and envelopes for his company at $250.00 and Jane gets invitations for her daughters birthday party at $35.00.  Collectively, we have donated $19.25 to the AKF Delta Dollars account which they can use for any future purchase. There is no limit on the amount the non profit can receive, or can earn with their own purchases.  Only limitation is that Delta Dollars must be used by the end of the year.